At Yeroushalmi & Yeroushalmi, we center our practice around consumer protection and industry reform.

It is an unfortunate reality of the current global marketplace that toxins sometimes find their way into consumer products. This is particularly common when companies seek higher profits by using the cheapest possible materials and labor at the immediate cost of endangering human safety and wellbeing. To a certain extent, modern history and common sense demonstrate that such lapses are inevitable and will continue to occur. Yet, history has also proven even more convincingly that the impact that such lapses have on humans can be minimized in frequency and magnitude.

The Twentieth Century is rife with terrible examples of instances where human safety was sacrificed for convenience and corporate profits. From Upton Sinclair’s Chicago, through the years where the effects of asbestos were ignored, and the not too distant past when lead and arsenic were thought to be safe merely because they were so common in schools and homes. However, such situations were overcome by concerted efforts to change the status quo, which induced a shift in favor of human well-being over corporate greed.


At Yeroushalmi &Yeroushalmi, we learned the history lessons. We understand that the most common chemicals have often caused the greatest harm. We know that there are alternatives to cheap, toxic, chemicals but that using such alternatives for the safety of our children is not ideal for manufacturers. We use this knowledge to demand that manufacturers implement best business practices to produce safer consumer products.

The extent to which the consumer marketplace has improved since the turn of the 20th century demonstrates that everyone stands to benefit from the displacement of poisonous products and carcinogenic chemicals in everyday products.

Our efforts begin with identifying products that contain chemicals known to cause cancer, birth defects, and other serious harm. We put products through a battery of scientific tests to determine whether they pose a danger to the public. Most do not, but when one does, we alert the company to the situation and try to work with them to find a safe solution. This usually involves reformulating the product so that it has a safer chemical composition. We also work to inform consumers of the potential exposure to harmful toxins found in a variety of products. In some instances, when a violator is unwilling to comply with the Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986, we file suit and vigorously defend the public’s right to know when and if the products they pay for contain poisons. These cases can last for years on end, but Yeroushalmi & Yeroushalmi has time and again, stood in the ring until the final bell to see the law upheld.

In summary, Yeroushalmi & Yeroushalmi is dedicated to identifying illegal, toxic consumer products, and then working with businesses to find feasible alternatives to improve the marketplace for the benefit of all.