Since the introduction of the Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986 we have worked countless hours to get known toxins out of the air, water, food, and products that Californians use every day. After successful identification of thousands of toxic products that posed material dangers to public health, we worked with businesses to free the marketplace of products that were bad for commerce and worse for consumers. We made sure that poisonous products were replaced with safe alternatives or were prominently labeled. This insured that consumers who may have purchased products that contained cancer causing chemicals or other harmful agents, would know what they were getting.

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At a minimum, we make sure to protect consumers’ “right to know” when a product contains chemicals that put themselves or their families’ at risk of serious disease. More often, we work to get companies to reformulate their products to ensure the safety of Californian families and improvement of the consumer marketplace for all stakeholders.

The history of our Firm is the story of an uphill march ignited by our hundreds of successes in the consumer protection arena. Time and again, our team has gone the extra mile to pursue the ideal that the shelves which our families reach for everyday should be populated with SAFE food, toys, tools, and basic comforts. Not merely with dangerous products bearing labels describing them as such. We pursue the ideal that Californians should live without fear of being poisoned when consuming the fruits of their labor.

Our efforts have had and continue to have lasting effects on the lives of millions of Californians.